wtf is happening

After coming to a rough team conclusion and deciding on a direction for where we wanted our product to go. We had decided on what technology we wanted to use, and were debating over what form the product would take.

Then along came the bearded man.

We explained our idea, probably missing out most of the important information that we all took for granted in our team’s collective idea ‘cloud’

He mentioned a lot of things including;

  • controlling time, and how tech works over a period of time. (instantaneous snapchat vs 3 month old disposable cameras)
  • looking into slow technology
  • giving user controls over privacy and security
  • ‘the cloud as a metaphor’ (???)
  • Look at predicting how technology could evolve, what could be phased out.

Essentially asking us to look at the platform, rather than the physical object.
(time being one direction, and audience being the other)

From this, we got the impression of  ‘wtf is happening’ ?

After spending the week overanalysing what he had said to us, we came to the conclusion that they weren’t a fan of our idea. It seems that the product being based around time and working around a waiting period of 1, 2, 5+ years at a time was not tackling the brief for a ‘future'(proof) product.

There could be a lot of things that could be phased out in that time period, USB’s, Wifi, smartphones even. So perhaps we need to make a product that will be useful for all of that time, instead of after the time has passed.


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