Finished Products!

Over the course of the last eleven weeks our group has been working extremely hard to finish our product ReCollect!

We finalised the editing on our promotional video and posted in on Vimeo:

As well as that we took product shots of both the app and the frame:


Lastly, we completed all of the five presentation boards to demonstrate our idea and the process of our project. The one shown below is our exploded view and explains the interaction with our app and frame:


Thanks to everyone for following us on our design journey!


Video Development

For the last few days our group has been working on making the promotional video. Prior to the filming our group had already written up a detailed storyboard with a clear script. We planned it to be a manual motion graphics, to go along with our playful interactive theme.

The filming took place in the photography studio for the best possible visual quality. We decided to record the audio file after filming, since the camera’s sound quality wasn’t great. 17454771_1761518510530801_1118172439_o

Once everything was filmed, three of our designers sat down and edited everything. We fiddled with both the visuals and the audio files, cutting out the best parts of both files and lining up the sound to match the visual context. Utilising the editing options, we intensified the lighting to enhance the general clarity of the video.

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 14.35.17.jpg

The last thing we did was to select the music for the background. We had a few song options, but in the end we decided to go with ‘Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard’ by Paul Simon. Once the video is done, our group will work on incorporating this video into our website and our our social media to further extend our branding.


Our branding and campaign has taken a few further steps in the past wee while. We have finished off our logo and began implementing it into things like the product and the app.

We’ve created mock-ups for our info website, and finally create a couple of pages for social media; to begin a following of our project to reach more of our target market.

landing page designRight now we’re just working hard to pull all of these separate bits together for the final submissions


Frame / Prototyping

Alongside the app, our group has been working on prototypes for the digital photo frame. Two of the Product Designers in our team have not only developed the desgin of the frame, but also looked into adding a stand to be able to place the frame on a desk or mount it on a wall.

Additionally, they spend a lot of time incorporating technology to be able to rotate the frame from portrait to landscape, both manually and with an Arduino servo.

Our group will now continue with the final touches of the frame, including painting it and getting the mechanism at the back to work.


App Development

We’ve made some really strong progress with our digital designs for the app. Two of our team’s designers created mock-ups of their vision for the app, and from there we chose our favourite parts and collaborated the two designs togther.

After this and futher refinement and tinkering we have settled on our final designs/app pages.

There are a couple of other smaller features we may include; more options, a notification screen etc. but for now- the main body of the app should look like this hopefully!