The Beginnings of a Future Camera

This week we were given the brief for our new project “Future Cameras” by Mozilla. The task entails that we work in groups formed of illustration, product and graphic design students, to create a product or an experience that explores the potential for future of cameras. When given the task we were told to consider privacy and ethnography and were also given “Practices for a Healthy Internet of Things” by Mozilla to give us a deeper understanding of how the internet works and some dangers which can arise.

To begin with we dealt with an “ice breaker” task which was to research the subject of solargraphy to help us get to know everyone in the group and find out about their design background. After discovering that solargraphy is the art of long exposure photography that captures the image of the sun moving across the sky through a pin hole camera, this process can last weeks,months, even years.

After this short task we decided to delve straight into the project and begin our research into the three key words they gave us “capture, curate and display” we split into three groups and did quick fire brain storms to gather ideas and direction whilst also creating a survey for the public in order to begin some of our research. Our group gained a great deal from this session, our personal problems with photography and what direction we want to move in.